elstak x green paper boys

The Recovering Grudge Holder collection with Green Paper Boys is the first of many Elstak x GPB collaborations. The apparel illustrations are inspired by the notion of forgiving those who’ve disrespected you. Can you forgive? Or is it easier said than done? How do you move from holding a grudge?

The black t-shirt has Elstak’s signature logo embroidered in a magenta colour way across the chest. On the back, a bold illustrated face of a character on its guard of suspicious behaviour.

The off-white hooded sweater shares the same Elstak tag on its front, with a black panther in a hoodie assessing its surroundings on the back. The text on its jacket reads “MERCI LFMC” - a nod to The Netherlands-based art collective, Lowrey Foley McClane, which Elstak has been a co-founding member of since 2011.

For the cookbook, Elstak and Green Paper Boys linked up with photo- and videographer Joardy Tummers. Elstak asked five young creatives he admires to embody five legendary painters who’ve inspired him. A homage to young and old. Current and classic. Undeniable legends and diamonds in the rough on the come up.

Shinta Roos as Frida Kahlo
Fen Mooij as Keith Haring
Cheraine Baljé as Pablo Picasso
Damy Raimundo as Salvador Dali
Euge Louisa as Jean-Michel Basquiat

(Motion) photography by Joardy Tummers